Nanobiotechnology & Nanosafety

Bionanotechnology is the term that refers to the juncture of nanotechnology and biology. This discipline aids to point the fusion of scientific research with many fields of nanotechnology. Ideas that are improved through nanobiology that includes with Nano scale, Nano devices, and nanoparticles phenomena that happens among the discipline of nanotechnology.Nanosafety is all the protection problems related to nanotechnology. Despite the actual fact that nanotechnology has been around for over twenty years, it's still thought of new technology and with several new technologies, the health effects of nanomaterials haven't been completely investigated. Consequently, the uncertainty surrounding the toxicity of nanomaterials deserves a cautious approach once operating with them.
• Prospects and applications of nanobiotechnology
• Nanoscale drug delivery systems
• X-ray diffraction and infrared spectroscopy
• Carbon nanotubes: A new biotechnological tool on the diagnosis and treatment of cancer
• Micro- and Nano- Fabrication and Characterization Techniques